The Below Deck Crew Drama Got Even Worse This Week, And Fans Are Annoyed For Two Big Reasons

Fraser in his blue St. David uniform pointing his thumb over his shoulder with an annoyed expression on his face
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With a new chef and charter guests who were both polite and appreciative (unlike

RHONY alumni Jill Zarin who fans couldn't stand) this week’s episode of Below Deck should have been a breeze for the St. David crew members. Unfortunately, that was not the case and fans of the reality series were forced to watch them continue to bicker over irrelevant things instead of focusing on the job at hand. 

While drama is usually a great thing for reality TV,  fans of the yachting franchise are growing tired of the same contrite drama happening over and over again. One would think that the producers would have learned something when so many fans took to social media to express their hatred in Season 8 of Below Deck Med. However, it seems like they haven’t since the original series that's currently airing on the 2024 TV schedule is making the same mistakes. If there’s one thing that Bravo fans are good at, it’s making their annoyances known on social media and this time is no different.

The Fraser Vs. The Food Drama Continues With A New Chef 

Despite being tasked as the Cheif Steward responsible for keeping the interior team running smoothly, Fraser continues to cause drama. From the very start of Season 11, he’s been a problem with many fans calling him the villain of the St. David

Two weeks ago, Fraser had a hand in getting the beloved Chef Anthony fired, and fans were not pleased about it. Now, Fraser is stuck dealing with the consequences of his actions as he clashes with Chef Nick. Fans might be more sympathetic to Fraser’s feelings had he not been so unhelpful to the former chef. However, that's not the case, and fans are reacting like this:

Instead of being happy that Chef Nick hasn’t made the same mistakes that Anthony made in regard to guests’ preference plates, Fraser spent the entire episode nitpicking the lack of garnish on the plates. This would have been a valid criticism had the guests brought it up, but they were more than pleased with their food. 

To make matters worse, instead of confronting Nick himself, he had his interior team do his dirty work for him which isn’t something someone in a leadership role should ever do. 

All this is to say, fans, like this one below, are not happy with him:

Of course, Fraser didn’t stop there. Just like he did with Chef Anthony and his personal issues with Barbie, he ran straight to Captain Kerry in the hopes of getting him fired. Thankfully, the Captain is on to Fraser’s game and put him in his place, once again, which fans appreciated:

Captain Kerry is a true leader. Maybe Fraser can learn a thing or two from him. 

The Boat Romances Have Somehow Gotten Worse Since Last Week 

Last week’s disastrous episode should have proven why boat romances are not a good idea, and yet the St. David crew hasn’t learned a thing. These relationships are usually fun to watch, but that has not been the case this season as fans are sick of the immature games and choices the crew members are making. 

Ben and Sunny’s will-they, won’t-they relationship seemed like it came to an end last week after he tried to get back with his ex Camille. Sunny was heartbroken, relying on the interior team to support her as she made it clear that she was done with him for good. Unfortunately, their break didn’t last long and Sunny found herself falling for Ben’s game again to the horror of many fans, like the one below, who see him for the player he is. 

Sunny needs the interior ladies to give her tough love and remind her that Ben is a giant jerk who doesn’t deserve her. A boat romance, especially with a guy who only wants you because he can’t have someone else, is not worth the stress or your reputation. 

Sunny and Ben aren’t the only crew members who have developed feelings for each other. A few episodes ago Barbie and Kyle finally took their flirtatious friendship to the next level. Things should be smooth sailing for the two who are very clearly into each other, but Barbie’s been too busy worrying about what her father is going to say about it. 

Perhaps fans would be more sympathetic to Barbie’s conflicting feelings if Kyle was a bad guy, but he’s not. He’s actually the most respectable of the bunch. There is no reason for her to be this conflicted about a consensual adult relationship, and yet she continues to cry about what her father is going to think about it. X User @Dustin_Cone said it best, tweeting:

Thankfully, by the end of the episode Barbie had come to her senses and realized that she’s an adult who can make her own decisions. Hopefully, she holds firm with her decision and doesn’t backslide like Sunny did. 

There are two more episodes of Below Deck Season 11 and for the franchise’s sake, I really hope the St. David crew gets their act together. Part of what makes the yachting show so much fun is getting to watch the crew have fun with each other while also judging the ridiculous charter guests behind their backs. The sooner the series gets back to that, the better. 

If you’re interested in seeing how this season plays out, don’t forget to tune in to Bravo next Monday at 9 p.m. ET or stream the episode the next day with a Peacock subscription. 

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