NBA's Charles Barkley Gets Real About The Shocking Amount Of Money He's Lost Gambling

Charles Barkley on Inside the NBA
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Charles Barkley may be best known for the commentary he dishes out on sports-related topics, but he also has a tendency to get candid on other subjects. He’s talked about Michael B. Jordan’s title of Sexiest Man Alive and has even been open about joining Instagram and not knowing about sliding into one’s DMs. What you need to know about the NBA legend is that he doesn’t mind getting personal about various aspects of his life. That was certainly the case when he talked about his history with gambling, during which he revealed the crazy amount of money he’s lost.

Over the years, the “Round Mound of Rebound” has talked about the shenanigans he’s gotten into while putting his money on the crap table. The hall of famer appeared on Shannon Sharpe’s Club Shay Shay podcast (part of which was shared in an X post) and provided some details on the money he’s won and lost through gambling. When Sharpe asked if he “liked” to gamble, the outspoken TV analyst said, ‘I love gambling.’ And I believe him, based on just how much money he’s earned and lost: 

There's probably been seven times that I won a million dollars. There's probably been twenty-five times I've lost a million.

Even my wallet and bank account are screaming over the notion of losing so much cheddar. Of course, Charles Barkley is a millionaire and presumably has plenty of money stored in the back. Nevertheless, I’d still say that there are few people who wouldn’t be upset over parting ways with a grand total of $25 million. I honestly can’t say that he has the best luck when it comes to taking a gamble or two. I mean, I guess the $7 million is still impressive, maybe?

Gambling honestly isn’t for the faint of heart. You not only have to have a sizable amount of money if you want to play some big hands but also a sense of determination. Unless someone has an unnatural amount of luck, it’s typical that if they keep at it for a while, they’ll lose more than they win. I’m personally not one for putting my own cash on the crap table but, as long as it’s not detrimental to a person’s well being, I won’t deride someone who does. 

And, again, it needs to be made clear that Charles Barkley is a man of means, so he can likely afford some losses, I’d wager. He’s been with the Turner Broadcasting family for years now and remains a host of the popular Inside the NBA. In 2022, Barkley also signed a major new deal with the company, which squashed rumors that he intended to retire. More recently, though, there’s been more speculation regarding his future now that there’s a real chance TNT could lose the NBA rights. Barkley explained to ESPN (via X) that if that comes to pass, he’d become a free agent and could join another entity.

In the meantime though, fans can still expect to see him on his long-running show and in other places. Those who catch him on those different platforms can hear him share his thoughts on the NBA (as well as his wild opinion on coffee). And, based on the comments he shared with Shannon Sharpe, I’d bet Charles Barkley will do some more gambling here and there as well. And let’s hope for his sake that he doesn’t lose tens of millions.

Inside the NBA has been airing on varying nights throughout the postseason but, when it does air, you can check it out at 12 a.m. ET on TNT. And those looking for some other entertainment during the playoffs should check out the 2024 TV schedule for other options.

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