Reese Witherspoon's Daughter Ava Had No Mercy For Internet Commenters Discussing Her Body: 'It's Such Bulls--t'

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Reese Witherspoon is the mother of Ava Phillippe, who she was pregnant with at age 22. The two share a close relationship and, like her mother, Ava occasionally opens up about certain topics. Recently, the 24-year-old was on the receiving end of body-shaming comments from haters on the Internet. With that, the daughter of Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe showed no mercy when discussing her body in a viral video, declaring “It’s such bullshit.”

Ava Phillippe took to TikTok to clap back against the toxic comments body-shamers have made towards her. Take a look at the raw video of the young woman showing not mincing words when addressing those who would criticize her:


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With No Doubt’s “Just a Girl” tune playing in the background, Ava Phillippe’s body-positive video shows her letting TikTok users know she’s received two comments regarding her body. She described, the captions, one comment being “I should get on Ozempic because I’m too fat." And, in another, someone apparently accused her of starving herself due to looking thin. 

When the young Internet personality reflected on those comments, she made it clear that she feels both of those negative remarks are “such bullshit." As she said, her weight didn’t change between the two comments, and it wouldn’t be anyone’s business if it did. She then concluded the video by smearing lipstick on the side of her face and walking away before pointing out that no one deserves to be bullied for their appearance. She punctuated her actions by declaring in the text that “your beauty exceeds such superficial measures.”

The Sweet Home Alabama actress eventually took to the comments on the popular TikTok video saying, “Yes to all of this💋” Of course, that sparked a number of comments pointing out how Reese Witherspoon and Ava are total look-alikes. One user mentioned that her daughter looks just like the Oscar winner back when she was in the 1996 crime thriller Freeway. (Although, Ryan Phillippe would say she looks more like him.) More comments commended Ava for her powerful body-positive stance, with many calling her “beautiful” and “perfect.”

Many celebrities have spoken about body-positivity, specifically the pressures to look a certain way in Hollywood. This year alone, A-listers have told their own personal stories of body image obstacles. For example, Kate Winslet recalled her struggles with eating amid her Titanic success and says she refuses to let the judgments of others affect her today. Selena Gomez also got real about her fluctuating weight and not being happy with it until she once wore a Vera Wang dress that she felt complimented her body well. 

It definitely sounds like Ava Phillippe is joining the chorus of stars who aren't going to stand for negative comments about their bodies. It also appears she has the support of proud mama Reese Witherspoon and plenty of others across TikTok as well.

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