Tom Holland Didn't Attend The Met Gala With Zendaya, But He Did Get Pelted In The Face By A Golf Ball Instead

From left to right: Zendaya in Challengers looking to her right, and Tom Holland looking frazzled in Spider-Man: No Way Home.
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You know, sometimes the spidey senses, or the Peter tingle, if you will, don’t work the way you expect them to. And in Tom Holland’s case, it resulted in him getting hit in the face with a golf ball. So, while his lovely girlfriend Zendaya was slaying the carpet of the Met Gala as a co-chair, the Spider-Man star was dealing with an injury gained out on the golf course.

Let it be known, it’s unclear when this injury actually happened, and it’s not surprising that Tom Holland wasn’t at the Met Gala. However, he did take to Instagram at the perfect time to post about getting hit in the face with a golf ball, because it went up right around the time Zendaya walked the carpet (the first time) in her gorgeous blue and green John Galliano gown at the Met Gala. So, while I’m sure you’ve already seen the Challengers star’s incredible look, you might not have seen Holland’s injury (which is pictured below) that he revealed around the same time we saw her ensemble.

An Instagram story of Tom Holland's forehead with a red dot on it showing where he got hit in the face with a golf ball.

(Image credit: Tom Holland's Instagram)

As you can see in the image, Holland got hit on the forehead with a golf ball, and it looks quite painful. He also linked out to his dad’s Patreon page which seems like it might address what happened, it's also possible that the actor was simply using his silly post to plug his dad's work. 

Overall, this golf kerfuffle was an unexpected and quite funny interlude in the Met Gala coverage. Tom Holland and Zendaya almost never walk the red carpet together – unless they’re in the same movie – and the actor is currently preparing to star in Romeo and Juliet on the West End, therefore, it’s not shocking that he wasn’t at the big fashion event. So, it was fun to get an update about what he was up to while she walked the carpet. 

How To Watch Tom Holland And Zendaya Together

Tom Holland and Zendaya in Spider-Man: Far From Home

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You can go back and see Tom Holland and Zendaya in Spider-Man: Homecoming and Far From Home, by streaming the Marvel movies in order with a Disney+ subscription

However, I didn’t expect it to be an injury. Luckily, the caption Holland left seems to allude to the fact that he’s fine, and overall, this incredibly minor medical issue was funnier than anything else. 

Along with posting about his golf injury, Tom Holland also used his Instagram to show some love for Zendaya’s big moment. 

He’s known for being a very supportive boyfriend. He posted about Challengers when it premiered on the 2024 movie schedule. He was spotted liking posts about her Coachella performance last year. And he was seen at a Dune: Part Two screening letting Zendaya have her moment as she walked the carpet. So, it tracks that he took to IG to post a whole bunch of "😍" along with images of her two looks from the event. 

All-in-all, I thoroughly enjoyed seeing Tom Holland’s Instagram updates while Zendaya killed it as a co-chair in NYC. Obviously, getting an injury like that is not fun, but he seems to be laughing it off, and we can’t deny just how immaculate the timing was in terms of when he posted about this.

Maybe, someday, we’ll see Zendaya and Tom Holland walk the red carpet together. However, I totally respect their choice to keep their relationship private, and there’s no denying how fun it is to see what they’re up to while their partner promotes a new project or slays the red carpet. 

Both Tom Holland and Zendaya are having quite the years professionally, so it’s fun to see them support each other and give little life updates here and there, even if they include getting pelted with a golf ball. As we get closer to Holland starring in Romeo and Juliet on the West End, hopefully, we’ll see more of him, and maybe Z will post a little something about his play. 

While we wait to see if that happens, you can catch up on everything Zendaya has been up to by watching the tennis drama Challengers and the beloved Dune: Part Two, as well as going back to look at her immaculate Met Gala looks.  

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