Tron: Ares Has Officially Wrapped Filming, And I Need Someone To Help Me Unblur These Mysterious Images

Michael Sheen in Tron: Legacy
(Image credit: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures)

The fact that Tron: Ares isn’t a part of the 2024 movie release schedule is derezzing me bit by bit. I’m trying to be patient, as I know that releasing the picture next October is the right thing to do, as Joaquim Rønning’s anticipated three-quel needs time to turn into digital magic. At the same time, I’ve been waiting for this follow-up to Tron: Legacy for over a decade, and patience isn’t always my strong suit. So with the recent announcement of production wrapping on the Jared Leto-starring film, I’d like to propose a compromise with Disney.

I’ll be slightly more patient, so long as someone can help me unblur the images that Rønning shared on Instagram to celebrate that news. Take a look at these semi-classified goods below, and tell me you don’t want to do the same:

Wow! Even with the strategic blurring, I can see why Tron: Ares cast member Cameron Monaghan apparently spent his days off on set. Red is clearly the color of the season for this upcoming Disney movie, and it continues to look good on the sets and potential vehicles to be shown off in what’s looking more and more like a digital invasion movie.

This is especially considering some of those blurred aspects look like red-tinted Lightcycles. That crimson accent in particular has me thinking that Tron: Ares’ deeper franchise connection to the Dillinger legacy makes that specific hue a family trait. Seeing Jared Leto’s titular Program seated in a vague-looking chamber for that first close-up seemingly supports that.

For the past couple of months, this new entry on the Tron timeline has been shooting, with promising information slowly, but surely being released into our side of the screen. Most recently, that included the huge news that Jeff Bridges is back for Tron 3, with his role being on the docket for filming this past weekend.

Which has me wondering if that obscured figure in the third photo is the ENCOM maverick himself? Or maybe it's Garrett Hedlund's Sam Flynn, back for his own top-secret cameo? These are the questions that start to crop up when you blur your photos, Disney!

Ares looking back in Tron: Ares.

(Image credit: Walt Disney Pictures)

Knowing that all of this Tron goodness is in the can has me anxious to get back onto The Grid even more. That last unaltered photo of Joachim Rønning and his family even turns this wait into a chore, as it shares with the world the fact that Kevin Flynn’s legendary creation Space Paranoids is still snagging the money of gamers in the modern world.

So if anyone at Disney wants to talk about selectively unblurring these photos, or somehow giving me a spot in the digital grid of Tron: Ares as a reward for being a good fan, I’m open for business. I'd even take one of those sweet "TR3N" director's chairs as a token! In the meantime, I guess I’ll have to start brushing up on my Photoshop.

Tron: Ares is still compiling, waiting to be debugged for its October 10, 2025 release date. But in the meantime, everyone looking forward to this digital date with destiny can relive the entire Tron story through access to a Disney+ subscription. Until next time, Programs and Users... End of Line.

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