Will Trent: Watch Faith And Will Get Big News About An Old Case In New Episode Sneak Peek

Will Trent returned from a brief break in the 2024 TV schedule last week with a wedding disaster for Faith and Will, but the new episode on May 7 will be closer to business as usual for the partners. A sneak peek clip (seen above) shows the duo receiving an assignment for their case of the week, and it turns out to be a case that Faith is already familiar with. The fight to find justice for this particular victim goes back more than a decade; can they finally close the case for the young woman this time around?

The new episode airs on Tuesday, May 7 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC. Called "Why Is Jack's Arm Bleeding," it will see Will and Faith reopening the case of a girl who went missing thirteen years earlier after her body was discovered. In the clip, Faith fills Will in on the case of 16-year-old Lily Watkins, who went missing all those years ago but never made headlines due to her race, and too much time passed before authorities took her disappearance seriously.

For any other duo, Amanda saying with certainty that they're going to get justice for a Black woman who had been killed more than a decade ago might seem far-fetched. For Will and Faith as partners... well, Amanda has the better part of two seasons' worth of proof that these two know how to close a case, even when the odds seem against them.

Of course, they'll have more to deal with than just the complications of a case that went cold thirteen years ago. According to the description from ABC, Will is going to continue experiencing his frequent flashbacks during this case, and those flashbacks don't always hit him with the best timing. Still, with only two episodes left in Season 2 after "Why Is Jack's Arm Bleeding," vivid flashbacks suggests that fans could be in for payoff before the final credits roll on Season 2.

Whether or not that's the case with "Why Is Jack's Arm Bleeding," fans can at least rest comfortably in the fact that Will Trent has been renewed for Season 3, which isn't the case for all ABC shows. (For example: Station 19 and The Good Doctor, which may have just set up the final arc for one key character.) The crime drama will return after however the shortened second season ends, although it remains to be seen if there is a cliffhanger similar to how Season 1 ended for Will and Co.

For now, just keep tuning in to ABC on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET for new episodes of Will Trent, starting on May 7 with Will and Faith seeking justice for the teenager who was murdered after going missing more than a decade ago. As always in 2024, Will Trent is followed by The Rookie at 9 p.m. ET and the Good Doctor at 10 p.m. ET, all on ABC. You can also revisit earlier episodes of Will Trent streaming with a Hulu subscription now.

Laura Hurley
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