Why Jensen Ackles And Justin Hartley Make Such A Great (And Handsome) Team On Tracker

After Melissa Roxburgh joined Tracker as Colter Shaw's complicated sister, Dr. Dory Shaw, another family reunion is on the way. Supernatural’s Jensen Ackles is appearing as Colter's brother, Russell Shaw, on the hit CBS drama this month. Ackles previously shared some BTS photos with Justin Hartley, who is a longtime friend of his. Amid the excitement for their turn as brothers, one of the series' stars shared thoughts on why they make such a great (and handsome) duo.

Tracker has brought up Russell on a few occasions, revealing that he and Colter don’t have the best relationship. While that may be the case for them, it is the complete opposite for Jensen Ackles and Justin Hartley. The former CW stars may not be brothers in real life, but star Eric Graise pointed out to ET that they both have something about them that makes their on-screen dynamic believable. It wouldn’t be surprising if they picked it up during their time on the network once known for steamy YA dramas, superheroes and the supernatural:

I think it's the smolder. It's the smolder for me. Something about the two of them, when you put them in a room together, like, it just makes sense. And they kind of have that feel of a brotherly connection.

Justin Hartley and Jensen Ackles on Tracker.

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There's just something about that "CW" smolder that is definitely irresistible. Just based on the teases of the episode, it seems like it’s going to be an intriguing installment. The Shaw family is complicated and, even though Justin Hartley’s real-life relationships with his on-screen siblings are anything but, they are the perfect people to showcase just how complicated that familial dynamic is. And, of course, what's also great about the two male actors appearing together on screen is that they're both easy on the eyes.

As for what will bring Russell back into the picture, he'll be enlisting the help of his estranged brother when a former army buddy goes missing after exhibiting paranoid behavior for several weeks. As a result, the brothers are led to the world of Special Forces missions, shady off-the-books programs and conspiracy theories. This will surely give them some time to talk through their issues, but it’s possible that they'll need to take on more than one investigation to get through all of their family drama.

Luckily, Season 2 of Tracker is happening, so it’s possible Jensen Ackles could return after his debut. Much of that will probably all depend on how the upcoming episode goes. To me, if we don’t get Ackles and Justin Hartley together again, it would be disappointing. Also, I'd love to have the chance to see all three Shaw siblings together, as it could make for an interesting storyline. The notion of seeing Melissa Roxburgh join them is too sweet. Fans have seen how great of a team Hartley and Roxburgh make alone, and I have no doubt that teaming them with Ackles could be fun.

It's hard to tell just what will happen in the new episode of Tracker, but I'm hopeful that both Justin Hartley and Jensen Ackles will more than bring their acting chops and chemistry (as well as their good looks) to the proceedings. The episode airs this Sunday, May 12, at 9 p.m. ET on CBS as part of the 2024 TV schedule. You can also catch up on past episodes using a Paramount+ subscription.

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