There's A Viral Lyrics Rewrite Sabrina Carpenter Does Frequently, And Swifties Are Hilariously Changing Her Lyrics Ahead Of Her SNL Debut With Jake Gyllenhaal

From left to right: Taylor Swift smiling over her shoulder during The Eras Tour, Jake Gyllenhaal looking serious in Road House and Sabrina Carpenter smiling and holding her visor in the Espresso video.
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We know Taylor Swift can take anyone down with her lyrics, and now, Swifties are hoping Sabrina Carpenter uses her own lyrics to do the same thing to one of the “Cruel Summer” singer’s infamous exes. That’s right, Jake Gyllenhaal is lined up as one of SNL’s Season 49 hosts. So, with the “Espresso” singer slated as his musical guest, fans of Taylor Swift are hoping that her former Eras Tour opener will use her frequently changed lyrics of “Nonsense” to poke fun at the Road House actor. 

There’s no question that to Swifties Jake Gyllenhaal – the presumed subject of Swift’s Red album and “All Too Well,” specifically – is one of the pop star’s most notorious exes. So, when it was announced that Gyllenhaal and Sabrina Carpenter would appear on SNL together, fans immediately took note of the irony of The Torutured Poets Department artist’s ex and opener appearing on the show at the same time. Now, Swifties are taking it one step further by re-writing Sabrina Carpenter’s viral “Nonsense” outro for her, and it’s hilarious. 

For some quick context, at every live show Carpenter plays, she writes a new outro that is specific to the city she’s in or event she’s at to close out her hit song “Nonsense.” They’re always quite cheeky, and it’s clear she has a lot of fun playing with the lyrics. 

Well, Taylor Swift’s fans – who witnessed this lyric switch many times when the "Feather" singer opened the Eras Tour in South America, Australia and Asia – decided to write a few outros for themselves ahead of her appearance on Saturday Night Live. Of course, many of them have to do with the host of said episode and the hit song “All Too Well,” and this viral TikTok is a perfect example of that:


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Honestly, “All Too Well” and SNL rhyme just a little too well for fans not to write stuff like this. For example, @KayTeeeOh posted this hilarious and savage outro option on X:

Her SNL Nonsense outro bout to be like ‘Here I am with Jake on SNL/Fresh off the Eras tour and got that intel/Heard all about that scarf from All Too Well’

Swifties really can’t let that scarf debacle go, and these outros are so funny because of it. While it’s been a very long time since “All Too Well’s” initial release, Swift dropped the 10-minute version a couple of years ago, and her performing it live at the Eras Tour has helped fans maintain their grudge against Gyllenhaal. 

Take @tayronto’s “Nonsense” outro as a prime example of that:

her nonsense outro: snl’s musical guest, the dream is never too far / after this i’m gonna take 10 shots at the bar / hey jake where is taylor’s red scarf

Keeping the savage outro options going, @zinedeen22 threw in some flowery language while connecting “All Too Well” and SNL in their “Nonsense” spoof:

Going with a slightly tamer option, @atwistoffate13 had a funny “Nonsense” outro for Carpenter and Gyllenhaal, as they posted:

nonsense outro: i was walking in heels and i fell / my favorite song right now is all too well / thank you for having me snl

Now, do I think Sabrina Carpenter is actually going to do something like this on live television? No. However, do I think this has the potential to be one of the most memorable SNL musical performances regardless of her “Nonsense” outro? Yes. 

Over the last year, Sabrina Carpenter’s fame has risen greatly, and in the last few weeks alone, she’s reached a new level of superstardom after playing Coachella and dropping the megahit “Espresso.” 

While I don’t think she’ll use any of these hilarious outros when her episode of Saturday Night Live airs on the 2024 TV schedule, I’m sure she’ll have a fun one planned if she decides to perform “Nonsense.” 

To see if Sabrina Carpenter takes any of these “Nonsense” suggestions when she makes her SNL debut, you can watch her episode that Jake Gyllenhaal is hosting on NBC or with a Peacock subscription on May 18 at 11:30 p.m. ET. 

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