New On Netflix, Disney+, And More: 9 Streaming Shows And Movies To Watch This Week (May 6 - 12)

Ncuti Gatwa as the fifteenth Doctor inside the TARDIS in all-new Doctor Who
(Image credit: BBC One)

The massive influx of content entering and leaving all the best streaming services has come and gone with the beginning of the month, but the first full week of May has plenty of additional content on various platforms that you’re not going to want to miss. 

Netflix subscribers get the comedy. Max subscribers get the drama. Disney+ subscribers get the music and also the wibbly wobbly, timey wimey…stuff. Here’s a look at what’s hitting streamers this week that you may want to give special attention to. 

Netflix This Week: Will Forte And Kevin Hart

Netflix logo

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Netflix is a Joke is a live comedy festival that is taking place in Los Angeles this week, and so comedy is a major focus this week on Netflix itself. It's not just stand up specials as a new comedy series and special comedy award make up this week's best on Netflix.

Bodkin- May 9

Will Forte smiling in Bodkin

(Image credit: Netflix)

Bodkin is a new dark comedy that stars Will Forte and Siobhán Cullen true crime podcasters who travel to Ireland to investigate and record shows about the disappearance of people years before. Unfortunately, their investigation turns the small town upside down. 

Mark Twain Prize Award: Kevin Hart - May 11

Kevin Hart in What Now.

(Image credit: What Now)

For 25 years The Kennedy Center has given out the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor. Previous recipients include Richard Pryor, George Carlin, Bill Murray, and Jon Stewart. This year Kevin Hart is being given the award, and the event will be broadcast live on Netflix.

Disney+ This Week: The Beatles And Doctor Who

Disney+ menu screen

(Image credit: Disney+)

Disney+ has become a significant streaming service for fans of music, and this week, rather than bringing fans something new, Beatles fans are getting a piece of history that has never been streaming before. Oh, and also there’s new Who.

Let it Be - May 8

The Beatles rooftop concert in 1969

(Image credit: Disney+)

Disney+ previously debuted Peter Jackson’s excellent Get Back documentary that gave a new look at the production of the iconic Let It Be album. Now, Jackson has applied the same technological updates to the audio and video of Let It Be the original 1970 documentary. It has never been available streaming before and should make for an interesting companion to Get Back.

Doctor Who - May 10

Ncuti Gatwa as the fifteenth Doctor and Millie Gibson as his companion Ruby in all-new Doctor Who

(Image credit: BBC One)

Disney+ scored a major win in the streaming content wars when it became the exclusive home in the U.S. to new episodes of Doctor Who. The show is as popular in America now as it has ever been, and with Ncuti Gatwa recently taking on the iconic role, a lot of fans, old and new, will be interested to see where this new season takes The Doctor.

Max This Week: Pretty Little Liars And The Iron Claw

The Max logo

(Image credit: Max)

If you love a good summer drama, Max has you covered with the newest season of the still-popular Pretty Little Liars franchise, as well as the latest addition to the Max A24 library, a movie you might have missed in theaters, but won’t want to miss streaming.

Pretty Little Liars: Summer School - May 9

Pretty Little Liars cast sitting on couches talking to a counselor.

(Image credit: Max)

Two years ago Max debuted Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin, the latest in the ongoing teen drama franchise. Now the follow up season, known as Pretty Little Liars: Summer School is finally here for fans still waiting to learn what will happen next.

The Iron Claw - May 10

Zac Efron in The Iron Claw

(Image credit: A24)

Professional wrestling may not be seen as the highest art form, but it is clearly full of drama as The Iron Claw proved to many last year. While the movie was largely overlooked by awards season the story of the Von Erich family touched the audience that saw it, and now the movie comes to Max for those that missed it in theaters or those that need to see it again. 

Peacock This Week:

The Peacock Logo

(Image credit: Peacock/NBCUniversal)

Thanks to shows like The Traitors reality TV has been a successful avenue for Peacock to differentiate itself. While this week’s new reality competition is a bit different it may still appeal to fans looking for a new fix. 

Love Undercover, Season 1 - May 9

Sebastián Fassi talking to camera in Love Undercover

(Image credit: Peacock)

If you’re going to make a reality dating show, you need a solid hook, and Peacock’s Love Undercover certainly has an interesting one. The show sees five professional soccer stars try to find love. The catch is that they’re looking for love with American women who have no idea who they really are, as they will be pretending to be ordinary people. 

Prime Video This Week: Daniel Tosh Hosts New Reality Competition

Amazon Prime Video logo banner

(Image credit: Amazon)

Prime Video has found its most recent success thanks to scripted series and films thanks to the likes of Fallout and Road House. Now it looks for fresh success in the Reality TV space. 

The GOAT - May 8

Daniel Tosh looking serious hosting The GOAT

(Image credit: Prime Video)

Reality TV often trades on the idea that it focuses on “regular people” and yet, the genre has turned some of those people into celebrities that rival TV and movie stars. Prime Video’s The GOAT asks the question "Just who is the greatest reality star of all time?" and also the question "Does anybody actually care?"  by pitting 14 of them against each other in a variety of challenges. The show is hosted by comedian Danial Tosh.

Apple TV+ This Week: Joel Edgerton And Jennifer Connelly

The Apple TV+ logo

(Image credit: Apple)

Science fiction fans who also have an Apple TV+ subscription have been in good shape, as the platform has had some great series of late, and that trend will hopefully continue with this week’s new series. 

Dark Matter - May 8

Joel Edgerton and Jennifer Connelly looking at each other in Dark Matter

(Image credit: Apple TV+)

Based on the novel of the same name, Dark Matter stars Joel Edgerton as a man who wakes up one day to discover the life he had is gone, and it’s been replaced by something new, including his wife Jennifer Connelly being replaced by Alice Kreig. 

While all these series and movies are worth at least giving a look, they are only the beginning of what’s coming to streaming this week. Check out our complete list of what’s new on Netflix and what’s upcoming on Disney+ to get a complete rundown of everything coming to those streamers. We also have a list of everything coming to Hulu

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